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From £1.50 each


Prices will depend on decoration and design.





Cakes                         From £30


Single Cakes  From £30

2 Tier              From £40

3 Tier              From £55


Square and Round Cakes, basic decoration.


Please contact for more information, sizes, shapes and designs.











A large range of flavours are available, if you don't see one you want listed below, please ask!


Victoria Sponge

Vanilla sponge with a vanilla buttercream and a choice of raspberry or strawberry jam.


Rich Chocolate

A rich chocolate sponge layered with chocolate fudge style buttercream.


Chocolate Mint

A rich chocolate sponge layered with a peppermint chocolate buttercream.


Chocolate Orange

A rich chocolate sponge infused with orange zest, layered with chocolate orange buttercream.


Strawberry Cream*

A vanilla or strawberry flavoured sponge with real strawberry buttercream.


Salted Caramel*

A caramel flavoured sponge with salted caramel sauve and/or salted caramel flavoured buttercream.



A zesty lemon sponge layered with either lemon curd or lemon buttercream.


Red Velvet*

A classic red velvet chocolate sponge layered with a cream cheese style buttercream.



A vanilla sponge with specks of descicated coconut layered with a creamy coconut buttercream.


Carrot Cake*

A classic carrot cake infused with cinnamon and ginger with a cream cheese style buttercream.


Rainbow Cake*

A vanilla flavoured, rainbow coloured layered sponge with your own choice of buttercream filling.



Fruit Cake*

A light fruit cake with sultanas, raisins, currants, cherries and the added option of chopped almonds.


Ingredients can be adjusted to any dietary need.

Please ask for a full list of ingredients and allergens.

*There is a small surcharge for these flavours



Services & Prices


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